Why Hire Us?

Our office specializes in divorce, legal separation, paternity, child custody, child support modifications, spousal support modifications, premarital agreements and restraining orders in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties. We offer unparalleled service to our clients and work hard to make sure our clients are satisfied:

  • We have a high success rate: 95 percent of our business comes from referrals from happy clients or opposing counsels who were impressed with us.
  • We can tailor your case to your budget and provide excellent service in each instance. We offer full service and also offer “limited scope” and “consulting” services in certain circumstances.
  • We place a high priority in returning all email, voicemail and correspondence in a timely manner.
  • We provide straightforward and realistic expectations so that you can make educated decisions. We empower you with information and then let you make the decision that is right for your family.
  • We work with our clients to create strategies in every case so that our clients feel empowered and confident.
  • We are known and respected by the family law community, and we have excellent relationships with the Santa Clara County judges and clerks in the court. We have long- term relationships with the other family law attorneys, which result in more effective communication with opposing attorneys, leading to cost savings for our clients.
  • Unlike many family law firms, we utilize email, internet, scanning, PDF and other modern technology to make our communications with our clients effective and efficient. We all have smartphones and obtain and return emails in and out of the office. We are high-tech.
  • We have over 70 years of combined family law experience. You don’t have to pay us to research the answers to your questions; as specialists in this field, we know the answers 99 percent of the time.
  • We have built our practice by doing an excellent job and achieving positive results for our clients.

Please Contact Our Offices At 408-918-0920 Or Fill Out Our Contact Form For A Consultation With One Of Our Experienced Attorneys.