Our Hardworking, Enthusiastic And Dedicated Support Team

At Daprile-Bell Family Law Offices, we understand how difficult it can be to endure the emotional and financial difficulties that frequently accompany complex family law issues. Our professional support staff works hand in hand with our attorneys to help ensure our clients receive the optimal service they deserve to overcome these challenges. A successful law firm must function as a cohesive team. Our team’s success results from the synergy we achieve through mutual support and results-focused teamwork.

Each support person has varying hours to suit their family’s needs, permitting us to open an hour earlier than most law firms and stay open later as well. We honor each of our support teams’ family needs, and in turn they are dedicated to our team and our clients.

Full Spectrum Legal Support In Pursuit Of Optimal Outcomes

We work in harmony to help ensure our clients achieve the optimal outcomes they desire. Our support team provides unmatched service, which permits our office to remain exceptionally well-organized and to operate smoothly and efficiently. This support allows our lawyers to provide razor-sharp focus on the full range of clients’ legal matters, fighting for the best possible outcomes. With the help of our support team, our firm can provide:

  • Customized strategies uniquely tailored to clients’ specific family law circumstances
  • Full-scale legal representation as well as limited scope when that is more beneficial
  • Straightforward advice to help clients execute informed decisions
  • Common sense language that everyone can understand
  • Consultation and advisory services for limited-scope case requirements
  • Tech-savvy communications to keep clients informed through each phase of the case
  • Legal representation tailored to a client’s budget
  • Honesty, respect and integrity throughout your case

Through the hard work of our efficient staff, we have gained a reputation for excellence. This hard work translates directly into exceptional levels of client referrals from other satisfied clients as well as peer legal offices across the state of California.

Our Full-Service Law Office Helps Empower Clients

To fight for an optimal outcome, we employ a team-centric concept for legal representation. Contact our courteous San Jose team today at 408-918-0920 to arrange a consultation. You may also fill out the contact form available on our website.