Experienced Legal Guidance To Fight For Spousal Support

One critical component of divorce that frequently leads to extensive debate is the support provided to a spouse, otherwise known as spousal support. There is no substitute for experienced legal counsel in your corner when negotiating fair spousal support payments after divorce. At Daprile-Bell Family Law Offices, in California, we leverage our 70 years of combined experience helping spouses secure appropriate levels of support.

We Address The Full Spectrum Of Spousal Support Compensation

With an experienced team by your side, you will have the peace of mind knowing that we will not overlook any avenue of spousal support to which you may be entitled. Our lawyers help clients fight for timely support, which takes into account elements, including:

  • Restricted stock units, which are treated as property and can factor into support payment equations.
  • Property tax deductions
  • Real estate holdings
  • Jointly owned financial assets, including checking accounts, savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and more

Arrange a consultation with our efficient lawyers and let us review the full details of your unique case with you. We will walk you through each factor that the court may examine, such as:

  • Important and necessary verbiage to have support waived
  • Length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s level of education, job experience or skill set
  • Health, well-being and age of each spouse
  • Amount and duration of support

Consult With An Attorney To Resolve Your Spousal Support Concerns

Speak to our professional lawyers and discover your path to a brighter future. We help clients secure timely resolution for a full range of complex family law matters. Our attorneys believe strongly in offering unmatched services to our clients and maintaining communications with them throughout the duration of their case. Give us a call and schedule an appointment for a consultation at our centrally located office in the Buffington House near central Willow Glen in downtown San Jose. Our location provides complimentary parking, shopping and restaurants nearby. Call us at 408-918-0920 or complete our online contact form.