Dedicated Legal Counsel To Secure Optimal Child Support Settlements

Divorce causes significant emotional distress for all parties involved. However, children are especially susceptible to anxiety during this tumultuous period due to the uncertainty inherent in divorce negotiations.

One of the most crucial aspects related to children in divorce is child support. This monetary support is designated exclusively to address the continued care and well-being of children after the dissolution of a marriage. Child support is not only based on parties’ base pay, but also on their commissions, bonuses and stocks. We find many custodial parents are not getting the full amount of child support to which they are entitled under the law.

If you are contemplating divorce and have children, it is essential that you seek experienced legal counsel to address child support requirements. At Daprile-Bell Family Law Offices, our dedicated team of lawyers possesses over seven decades of combined experience focused on family law concerns in California. Clients across Silicon Valley come to our firm to experience our personal touch and dedicated, family-focused representation.

Calculating Appropriate Child Support Payments

The state of California determines appropriate child support levels based on an established formula that has several components. This formula takes several factors into account, including, but not limited to:

  • Parents’ current income levels, including stocks, bonuses and commissions
  • Pre-existing child or spousal support obligations each parent currently pays
  • Any recurring child care expenses
  • The cost of health insurance coverage for the children
  • Additional expenses related to the care of disabled or special needs children

Once established, these agreements determine which parent will make or receive the payments, as well as the amount and frequency of the payments.

Modifications To Established Child Support Terms

As time progresses and circumstances change for one or both parents, modifications may take place to the established support levels. Some of the conditions that would necessitate an adjustment include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Significant increase or decrease in earnings
  • One parent is contemplating an out-of-state household move
  • Remarriage
  • More children are born

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