Assess Child Custody Options Through Focused Legal Counsel

To minimize the impact on your children during the emotionally charged divorce process, both parties must work together to set reasonable and realistic child custody expectations. Due to the legal ramifications inherent in the process, it is wise to obtain professional legal counsel to establish enduring and equitable solutions. At Daprile-Bell Family Law Offices, our hardworking attorneys understand the difficulty couples with children face when contemplating divorce. We help clients resolve the full spectrum of complex family law matters from mediation to custody evaluations to retaining experts and a full trial, when needed.

Key Child Custody Considerations

In our custody negotiations, we strive to establish fair and reasonable child custody terms, including, but not limited to:

  • Physical custody: Where will the children live during each week, weekend, month, year or winter/summer break? Will one parent retain sole physical custody of the children or will both parties come to terms to establish a reasonable joint custody model?
  • Legal custody: This addresses decisions concerning raising the children, such as the schools they will attend, their religious education, where they are permitted to travel with a parent for a vacation and more.

Our California firm helps parents address these factors and make decisions, which helps ease the emotional stress and financial hardship on the family. Our lawyers are well-respected in the local legal community because of our family-focused representation.

Fighting For Your Children’s Best Interests

Throughout negotiations related to child custody, it is essential that the best interests of the children remain the primary focus. To make choices in their best interests, parents will need to factor in a variety of additional considerations such as:

  • Access to medical care and educational continuity
  • Social stability after divorce
  • Establishing a stable environment for the children
  • Support from extended family members
  • Additional mental or physical services required for disabled or special needs children

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