Many parents going through a divorce in California want joint custody so that they feel they have an equal part in raising their children. However, having joint custody can be very demanding on a parent’s schedule and is likely to include frequent pick-ups and drop-offs to school and extra-curricular activities.

If you are a parent with a demanding work schedule, you may be unsure about how the child custody courts will assess your situation. It is important that you understand how the law applies to child custody issues in California and how you can work to overcome scheduling difficulties.

The child’s best interests

First, it is important to note that child custody courts tend to favor situations in which a child can have a strong relationship with both of their parents after a divorce. This means that they can be quite encouraging of joint custody if it can work logistically and if it benefits the child overall.

Time-sharing schedules can overcome a number of obstacles

Making joint custody work heavily depends on how well you are able to communicate with the other parent. Creating a time-sharing schedule with the other parent can help you to make a compromise, and it can be possible to design a plan that can suit your demanding work schedule. Making a flexible plan can work to your advantage, making it possible to take business trips during the times that you are not taking care of your children.

It is important that you understand how to make the law work to your advantage when it comes to California child custody.