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Will my bonus count in alimony calculations?

If you are going through a divorce in the state of California, it is likely that you will need to pay your former spouse alimony for a certain amount of time after the divorce has been finalized. Alimony, otherwise known as spousal support, is generally counted based on each spouse's income.

If you are concerned about being subject to high alimony obligations in the state of California, it is important that you begin to research how the court process usually works. By doing so, you will be more prepared to argue your case and to get a fair result.

How is alimony calculated in the state of California?

Alimony is most commonly awarded to a divorcing spouse in California in a situation when the spouse was financially dependent in the marriage. It is often the case that one spouse was contributing to the marriage in nonfinancial ways, for example by supporting the children or maintaining the home. When this spouse has a very limited earning power at the time of a divorce, the courts will determine that alimony is necessary until the spouse is able to be financially independent.

Will my bonus be included in financial calculations?

Since income is one of the biggest factors in alimony calculations, it is important that a fair calculation of your income is attained. Your average weekly wage will be estimated; therefore, if you received an annual bonus, this will be divided out through the year.

If you have concerns about alimony calculations in your California divorce, an experienced attorney can help put your mind at ease.

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