While they may not be the most romantic of declarations, prenuptial agreements are becoming gradually more socially acceptable in the United States. They can be beneficial for both parties, allowing for peace of mind in any eventuality. Additionally, they are beginning to be viewed as a way to prove that love is the real reason for the marriage, not material gain. From this perspective, prenuptial agreements may, in fact, be more romantic than they initially seem.

Another misguided perception of prenuptial agreements is that they are reserved for the rich and famous. This is simply not the case, and those with relatively modest assets can be set to benefit from a prenuptial agreement. If you are getting married in the state of California and you are concerned about the protection of your assets, it is important that you consider the different options available to you.

What are the financial risks of prenuptial agreements that I should be aware of?

There are many obvious benefits to a prenuptial agreement, but there are also some financial risks that one must be aware of before drafting the document. The first of these is the question of inheritance. You should ensure that the agreement allows each party to inherit from their spouse in the event that they pass away while they are still married.

It is also only a good idea to sign a prenuptial agreement if you are certain that it is realistic and fair. For example, there are many ways in which each spouse will indirectly allow them to benefit financially, and these contributions should be fairly reflected in the prenuptial agreement.